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Human Analyse how an important event at the beginning shaped outcomes in an extended written text. The theme of colours has been used to show how Death sees colours and what these colours mean to Death in his perspective. Markus Zusak uses the techniques of imagery to show this.

Book thief essay help

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Book Thief Essay on Hope The Holocaust was a time in history where hatred and violence was expressed in many different ways.

Millions of Jews were murdered, simply for their physical appearances. Although many of her friends and family members, and even herself go through many obstacles, they still find faith within each other.

Through compassion, happiness and courage, many characters show the reader that optimism is still possible in such a hopeless time. Despite the setting of Nazi Germany being one of the darkest times in history, The Book Thief is a story ultimately about book thief essay help. Although the novel is set in such a dark and hateful time, compassion is still being shown and felt within different characters in the novel such as Hans Hubermann, Ilsa Herman and, the entire Hubermann family.

Hans Hubermann shows compassion for the Jews as they walk by him in the street, and he left Liesel to help one.

book thief essay help

Although the majority of Germans are brainwashed to believe that the mistreatment of the Jews was justified, people such as Hans thought otherwise and literally stretched out a compassionate hand in order to help them. This act of kindness shows how humans are capable of expressing compassion towards those in need, despite how out of the ordinary it may seem, and regardless of the consequences.

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Ilsa Hermann also shows kind-heartedness towards someone who is supposedly beneath her, according to social class. This is considered an act of kindness because Ilsa is fully knowledgeable for what is really going in Germany and with the Jews, and in order to shield Liesel from the horrible world outside, she allows her to stay in her luxurious house and read for a few hours.

To anyone else, this act would be considered miniscule and unimportant, but to Liesel, this meant the world to her. Liesel has a strong passion for books, as she finds herself constantly getting lost in the words of any book she picks up, and Ilsa understand this as she used to be this way about reading as well.

To Ilsa, this is not considered a small act either. She wants to protect Liesel, even if it is for only a few hours.

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This shows that in dark times, there are still going to be some adults that try to protect the innocence of children by shielding them from the outside world.

The Hubermann family displays a great deal of compassion to someone that they, literally, have no right to. If authorities were to figure out what they were doing, the entire family could be separated and most likely convicted. Rosa and Hans Hubermann show a great deal of courage, compassion and kindness for taking in and deciding to hide a Jew in their basement.

During these times, it was not uncommon for Germans to try and help their Jewish friends, but more often than not, it resulted in them being discovered and both the Jews and the Germans would be killed.

Although it was a fearful time for the entire family, they still knew what they were doing was the right thing to do.

Max was aware of the danger he was putting the family in, but had no other choice unless he was to go into a concentration camp. He grew a strong friendship with not only Rose and Hans, but Liesel as well. Liesel would go into the basement every night and read with Max, and although most of the times they sat in silence, that is when their friendship grew the strongest.

Max was afraid of being sent away, but he was more afraid of putting this family in danger, especially a little girl like Liesel that had already been through so much.

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Max knew that Liesel had already lost her first family, so he felt guilty that she could lose this family too, because of him. Their act of kindness, in the end, benefitted Max as well as their entire family as it brought the three of them closer.

This shows that in a place where there is so much hatred, there are still people that can show love and honor by helping those in need. Through Hans, Ilsa, and the Hubermann family, the reader is able to see that hope can be given as well as received through simple acts of kindness, regardless of the time or situation.

Despite this many negative emotions going on in this time, happiness could still sometimes be found by both children and adults. Hans, Rudy and, Liesel all felt some degree of joy despite the negative world around them. His happiness came from his accordion. Liesel pays close attention to when her Papa plays the accordion, because not only does she notice his happiness, but hearing him play makes her happy as well.

The accordion breathes…Sometimes [she] thinks [her] Papa is an accordion. Hans has been playing the accordion for a long time now, and he uses his talent to bring delight in the Hubermann household every night when he plays the instrument to Liesel and Rosa, and even Max. Hans is a grown man that not only understands the war going outside his household, but has even been in war as well.A short Markus Zusak biography describes Markus Zusak's life, times, and work.

Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced The Book Thief. From Zusak's The Book Thief, how might one write a thesis statement on the symbolic meaning of Han's accordion?

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