Caselets george and his management styles

Mini Case Studies Caselets, or short cases, are increasingly used as teaching aids, both in B-Schools and in executive education programs. Being brief and focused on a specific topic, a caselet is a useful supplement to a lecture. The session plan for a B-School course is likely to be more effective when there is a balanced mix of cases and caselets, along with other pedagogical tools.

Caselets george and his management styles

Case let 1 This case provides the opportunity to match financing alternatives with the needs of different companies. It allows the reader to demonstrate a familiarity with different types of securities. George Thomas was finishing some weekend reports on a Friday afternoon in the downtown office of Wishart and Associates, an investment-banking firm.

Meenda, a partner in the firm, had not been in the New York office since Monday. He was on a trip through Pennsylvania, visiting five potential clients, who were considering the flotation of securities with the assistance of Wishart and Associates.

George was waiting for the cable. George knew that Meenda would be recommending different types of securities for each of the five clients to meet their individual needs. He also knew Meenda wanted him to call each of the clients to consider the recommendations over the weekend. George was prepared to make these calls as soon as the cable arrived.

As George picked up the phone to make the first call, he suddenly realized that the potential clients were not matched with the investment alternatives. In the front of each folder were some handwritten notes that Meenda had made on Monday before he left. George read each of the notes in turn.

Packaging firm with high growth rate in tri-state area. Common stock trades over the counter. Stock is depressed but should rise in year to 18 months. Willing to accept any type of security. New machinery should increase profits substantially.

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Has virtually no debt remaining except short-term obligations. Stock price depressed but expected to improve. Excellent growth and profits forecast in the next two year.

Low debt-equity ratio, as the firm has record of retiring debt prior to maturity. Retains bulk of earnings and pays low dividends.

Management not interested in surrendering voting control to outsiders. Money to be used to finance machinery for plumbing supplies. Seeks additional shareholder but not willing to stock at discount. Banks could be willing to lend money for long-term needs.

Sacheetee Energy Systems The firm is well respected by liberal investing community near Boston area. Financing gimmicks and chance to turn quick profit on investment would appeal to those likely to invest in this company.

Manufactures boat canvas covers and needs funds to expand operations. Closely held ownership reluctant surrender control. Cannot issue debt without permission of bondholders and First National Bank of Philadelphia. Relatively low debt-equity ratio. Good prospects for growth Strong management with minor weaknesses in sales and promotion areas.

Meenda called early this morning and said that he verified the facts in the folders. George pondered over the situation.

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If he could determine which firm matched each recommendation, he could still call the firms by 6:Situation: The storage area of the P.D. George Company is presently filled to capacity with 25, items.

The plant has recently increased its manufacturing capability by % and the finished goods inventory is expected to increase by the same ratio.

Caselets george and his management styles

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No less a company — or former company – than Enron learned how difficult negotiating with Indians can be. In , bureaucrats stopped a multi-billion dollar pipeline Enron had started in eastern India because the company’s executives were insensitive to India’s history.

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Here are the 10 top negotiation examples on the Program on Negotiation website. home of the immensely successful Star Wars brand, from its founder, George Lucas, for $ billion, split evenly between stock and cash.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leadership Styles: Uncovering Bias and Generating Mutual Gains;. Lewin and his colleagues at the University of Iowa,12 The Lewin group distinguished three leadership styles: autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire.

Their research showed that the democratic style seemed to be especially suitable for group process-oriented activities. Leadership Styles n

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