Microsoft case studies lync

Tweet Sprint Nextel thew out PBXs and switched over their 39, employees to using Microsoft Lync, a unified commutations solution gaining in popularity. Sprint Nextel said their goal was to "reduce its environmental impact, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs and administration for its cumbersome telephony systems". Whether they truly "threw out" the PBXs and they're sitting in a landfill somewhere or they sold off the PBXs is unknown, but I'm hoping for the latter or it would defeat Sprint Nextel's purpose of "reduced environmental impact".

Microsoft case studies lync

This saying came to mind recently, while having lunch with the Chief Financial Officer of a client. His comment took me aback, so I asked if he would explain this further: Because we're a business technology consulting firm!

Microsoft case studies lync

Everyone in the firm is capable of switching back and forth among various versions of Microsoft Office because we have to do that when working with our clients. We have learned to deal with different functionality, different user interfaces, and different file formats.

Our successful adaptation to all these differences made us like fish who don't know they're in water. Thus, he was frequently interrupted to answer questions about Excel or Word, and these interruptions WERE a big deal because they diluted his productivity.

Microsoft case studies lync

We also helped our client implement the cloud-based version of Microsoft Intune, an integrated collection of system administration tools and services.

Microsoft Intune consists of security and administrative software and services, used to simplify managing Windows-based laptops and desktops.

Read more on Intune's features and benefits. Thankfully, I now know to look for this pain and thus help other clients with the same issue.

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This approach led to a wide mix of software versions in use. Newer versions of Office no longer supported the file formats of older versions.Office Productivity in the Cloud: A Zoho Case Study Levick, a leading strategic communications firm, employs about sixty people in its offices in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The entire staff used versions of Microsoft's Office suite ranging from Office to Office Nov 21,  · HI all I have a requirement where I need to write a few line of case statement to generate a new column, counting first and second column to return the result, here is the example in this example I want to check if second column has more null then return 'semi valid' ref no first column second · Hi, You sjould use window function (lead, lag).

If. a Lync Customer Solution Case Study Amazon Web Services 2, you can download them in pdf format from our website.

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Basic file format that can be downloaded and log on upon numerous devices. You can revise this using your PC, MAC, tablet, eBook reader or smartphone.

Carpool is a boutique internal communications consulting agency with a client list that includes major corporations. In , Carpool CEO Jarom Reid took the company percent mobile, eliminating 90 percent of its existing fixed costs.

Agenda •Background on UC Market and Microsoft Lync •Challenges faced by businesses and partners •UC Migration Strategy –8 Steps •Case study –Georgia Military College •Solutions that aid in UC migration with Lync •Summary •Survey •Q/A.

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Moving to the Cloud: A Microsoft Office Case Study