National technology day

Indian Vedas and scripts have become the foundation of modern science and technology. Today India is rapidly progressing in the field of technology. On this day schoolcolleges and science institutes across India organize many events to create awareness and interest about the science amongst the students and masses.

National technology day

VR Pocket Radio If you love listening to music on-the-go then you owe a debt of gratitude to pocket radios. Shrinking radio technology into a compact and affordable form completely revolutionized the consumer electronics industry.

From the Walkman to the iPod, all portable music devices National technology day find their roots in pocket radios. Before the VCR it was National technology day to watch movies and shows unless they were rebroadcasted.

The VCR not only changed viewing habits but also, for the first time, gave consumers the ability to record their own content and watch at their discretion. Home entertainment would never be the same. It gave consumers a taste of high quality media that was previously only available in movie theaters.

The format was so significant that the technology of laserdisc players was later used to create CDs and DVDs. For the first time digital LED technology was not only affordable, but small enough, to fit on your wrist.

Theme 2018:“Science and Technology for a sustainable future.”

By taking the most popular arcade game and making it available for consumers to play at home, Atari put its stamp on the home entertainment market. Its success paved the way for other video game consoles and games to hit the stores. Thankfully that all changed when home computers hit the market.

Home computers and later the Internet were the biggest technological development of the last few decades and they changed forever how we interact with technology. Prior to the camcorder, studios were the only ones that had cameras that could record video.

The camcorder made the technology available to the masses by making it compact, light, and affordable. With better graphics and a wide range of games to choose from, consumers were quick to adopt the NES. The NES is the best-selling gaming console of all time and it established the video game industry as a force to be reckoned with.

Without the need for CDs, cassettes, and LPs that take up tons of space, it suddenly became possible for your entire music library to fit on one device. Today the majority of consumers listen to digital audio music through MP3 players, iTunes, and music streaming services. The monopoly the cable industry enjoyed for so many years was disrupted for the first time and customers now had a choice of how they get their TV broadcasts.

The battle for subscribers continues to this day. Suddenly it was possible to experience high quality picture from home. Production values had to change to keep up with the standards set by high definition and most channels had to switch to HD broadcasts.

National technology day

HDTV made such an impact on the viewing experience that consumers became more likely than ever to stay at home to enjoy content. Need to go to the bathroom during a big game? Miss that news report? Not to mention the ability to record multiple programs on multiple channels without needing any extra hardware.

Consumers were instantly hooked to this new listening medium that rocked the stale radio industry. Conventional radio stars like Howard Stern took notice and soon many of them defected in droves.

To this day the battle between conventional radio and satellite radio rages on. In addition to enhanced graphics, higher memory, and DVD playback, players were also now able to play one another through their internet connection, which started the online gamer community that continues to this day.

The Xbox truly catapulted the video game industry to the stratosphere. Blu-ray players immediately experienced brisk sales and soon movie studios started releasing titles in the Blu-ray format.

Before IPTV came along it seemed impossible. However IPTV provided the technology to deliver content through the internet. Streaming choices, such as Netflix, soon became prevalent. Our idea of what makes a computer has been thrown out the window as tablets combined display, keyboard, and motherboards in one.The Indian government has officially declared the 11 May as National Technology Day in India to commemorate the first of the five nuclear tests that were carried out on 11 May National Technology’s corporate structure utilizing our two factory approach with small to mid-volume manufacturing in both facilities and large Join Us Facilities.

The country's second nuclear test was carried out on this day in Conducted by DRDO along with Indian Army, the bomb tests were National Technology Day: Remembering the heroes of Pokhran II.

Technology Day All About 'National Technology Day' On The 11th Of May. NATIONAL IT PROFESSIONALS DAY Observed annually every third Tuesday in September, National IT Professionals Day is set aside to honor the venerable geeks of the world we all rely on to keep us connected.

The IT (information technology) professional is the unsung hero of modern business, but often under-appreciated by it. Whether it be desktops, [ ]. National Technology Day is the ideal occasion to boost the citizens to explore the stellar world of technology, to step forward and take our right place as the leaders of technological innovations and scientific development in the world.

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