School assembly presentations

Please visit our new website: Our students were totally immersed in his presentation.

School assembly presentations

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These highly educational and engaging assemblies blend comedy, music, juggling, and theatrics to teach students about water resources and conservation. Middle School students create a unique audience, and our performers have decades of experience developing skills and techniques that enthrall students in this age range.

The educational content and theatrical displays are designed specifically to engage, challenge and inspire students in grades 6 through 8. Here is some feedback about our program from Middle School Teachers and Administrators: The combination of entertainment and educational content was appropriate and well-balanced.

School assembly presentations

Robertson Teacher, Intermediate School Daly City, CA Both staff and students alike were delighted with the program and were impressed by EarthCapades ability to dazzle us while simultaneously delivering such an important environmental message.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect Planet Earthuses an interactive and fun approach to teach your students how to reduce waste at school and at home; conserve natural resources, enjoy nature, and explore ways we all can live in balance with Planet Earth.

Students of all learning styles respond to a blend of live action and large-screen visuals. Highly developed performing skills including juggling, comedy, music and theatrics to keep students and teachers on the edge of their seats.

The positive effects ripple outwards as students teach their families about how they really can make a difference. Your creative way of infusing learning about the environment and how we should care for it was both entertaining and engaging.

I would whole-heartedly recommend you to any school system.Read Reviews Reviews & Counting OGHS Christmas Village will be Sunday, December 2nd from pm to pm. There will be TONS of Vendors set up in the gym to help you finish your Christmas shopping. AND for $5 you will receive a wristband and access to ornament making, cookie decorating, pictures with Santa, popcorn, hot chocolate, and much, much more!

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The O'Farrell Charter School is a K charter school in the Skyline/Encanto areas of San Diego. We currently offer classes for Year One Kinder through 12th grade. Cyclical Reassessment Status Report Phase I - November [Assessment] - November 1, ; Updated Location Cost Modifiers for the Annual Adjustment [Assessment] - October 31, .

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School assembly presentations
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