The disruption of cartel on oil prices

So, without further ado, here are our five oil prices predictions for the year

The disruption of cartel on oil prices

US sanctions, once they kick in after a six-month grace period in November, are expected to reduce Iran's exports. This coupled with reduction of Venezuelan oil supplies, and continued disruption in Libyan supplies, had sent oil prices shooting up.

Maybe the reason that Saudi Arabia keeps pumping is that it just doesn’t have any other option

This does not suit the US in an election year. The house and senate elections will take place in November. If the Republicans lose their house majority, it would increase the risk sof impeachment of President Donald J Trump who is facing a widened probe by Robert Mueller.

Mr Trump had put out a tweet on high oil prices before the Opec meeting.

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Saudi Arabia was expected to push for a lifting of the production freeze to bring down the price. Despite the convergence of geo-political interests, oil prices have gone up in the immediate aftermath of the Opec meeting.

Why did the lifting of the production freeze see an increase in price? The Opec press release of June 22 recalled its decision of November 30,for a 'production adjustment of 1. There was an additional commitment of reduction by non-Opec oil producers by 0.

The Opec statement noted that the actual reduction exceeded its commitment by per cent in May The decision of the Opec meeting was to bring the reduction to per cent of its commitment two years ago. This in effect means that though the production rises slightly, the organisation maintains the ceiling at levels.

The disruption of cartel on oil prices

This does not take into account the recovery of the world economy -- and oil demand -- in the past two years. The result is continued shortfall in supply, driving prices higher. Opec's decision had to be endorsed the next day by a meeting of Opec and non-Opec oil ministers.

The meeting agreed to meet the production 'adjustment' at per cent of the level agreed in November The fact that Opec has to depend upon Russia to take a decision shows that it can no longer give the market signal. The cartel accounts for around 40 per cent of oil exports.

Before the Opec meeting, there was an informal meeting of the Saudi and Iranian oil ministers. Iran was opposed to relaxing the production freeze and lowering prices.

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Higher oil prices are its only cushion against progressive reduction in its oil exports once the US sanctions start taking effect. In the event, Iran was probably not disappointed.The IAGS Journal of Energy Security (JES) relies solely on the generosity of our donors to be able to deliver information, research, insight and hard data on global energy security consider donating to the Journal of Energy Security to strengthen, broaden and deepen our global coverage.

IAGS is a publicly supported, nonprofit organization under section (c)3 of the Internal. The disruption of cartel on oil prices. A cartel is defined as a group of firms that collaborates to make output and price decisions (Smith ). 12 days ago · Amid a summer of rising prices and unprecedented face of another historic shale oil surge, the cartel will discuss a the biggest supply disruption since the start of the decade and Brent.

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OPEC members so desperately need the money from oil sales that they have been ignoring production targets set by the organisation, aimed at stabilising the global market and raising prices.

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Watch video · International oil prices surged to almost $75 a barrel this week and U.S. gasoline is the highest in almost three years. Yet OPEC’s choke-hold on its own production is only getting tighter.

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