The thematic importance of ambition in the epic macbeth

Fate Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Macbeth, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Macbeth is a play about ambition run amok. Macbeth and his wife act on their own to fulfill their deepest desires.

The thematic importance of ambition in the epic macbeth

I'm trying, guys, I really am. But right now I'm about pages into this book, and the thought of getting through the next is making me want to throw myself under a train.

And I almost never leave a book unread, so this is serious.


However, since it's on The List, I feel I should at least try to give it another chance. But it's not going to be easy. Here, in simplified list form, are the reasons I really, really want to abandon this book: Also, her sister calls her "Dodo" in a horribly misguided attempt at affection, and every time I have to read it it's like a cheese grater to the forehead.

I know it's going to end badly which makes it slightly better but come on, Eliot. I don't care about these characters. I don't care about their boring lives. I don't care who marries whom and who is happy or not happy, and I really don't care about Dorothea's stupid cottage designs.

I'm strongly sensing that the next pages of this book are going to be the same exact stuff about marriage and unhappiness and Dodo and blah blah blaaaaahhhhh.

Unless something really interesting is going to happen, I don't think I can keep going. At this point, it would take a zombie uprising at Middlemarch to make me invested in these characters and their lack of struggle. Okay, I need to get to Part 5 before I can reasonably stop reading.

Hopefully something resembling a plot will happen soon.

Your free trial has come to an end.

No one can say I didn't give this book a fair chance. I just read pages of some boring people going about their boring everyday business, and I'm DONE. Maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to understand this book's genius. Maybe I can only be happy with a book if the characters are likeable and doing interesting things besides sitting around and thinking about how fucking miserable they all are.

Maybe it's just my fault for having a bad attitude about this book from the beginning.

The thematic importance of ambition in the epic macbeth

But what I know for sure is this: I got to my designated halfway point on the flight back from vacation, and when we landed I made sure to leave Middlemarch on the plane. Hopefully it's adopted by someone who will love it more than I did.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The plot of Macbeth is set in motion ostensibly by the prophecy of the three witches.

The series consists of:

The prophecy fans the flames of ambition within Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, serving as the primary impetus for the couple to plot the death of Duncan--and subsequently Banquo.

Ambition leads to evil - it makes Macbeth stronger and more determined, but then destroys his wife - she goes mad. And ambition eventually kills him as well, because he becomes a tyrant and so loses the support of his friends.

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The thematic importance of ambition in the epic macbeth

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Themes Ambition. Ambition is the fundamental theme and the driving force of Macbeth’s life. It is also the theme (in this play) that informs the Shakespearean idea of tragedy. In Macbeth the hero’s greatest weakness (causing him to . The main theme of Macbeth—the destruction wrought when ambition goes unchecked by moral constraints—finds its most powerful expression in the play’s two main characters.

Macbeth is a courageous Scottish general who is not naturally inclined to commit evil deeds, yet he deeply desires power and advancement.

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